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Voyageurs National Park was established in 1971. Rainy Lake is a place of transition; between upland and aquatic ecosystems, northern boreal and southern hardwood forests, development and wilderness. It’s where the highways end and the ancient waterways begin.

Our fully equipped Rainy Lake Houseboat vacation rentals provide you with total freedom to explore these waterways as the mood moves you. Discover hidden bays and intimate islands. Rest on the sun-warmed sands of a secluded cove. Marvel at the sprawling landscape spread before your houseboat bow. Feel the lake beckoning you to roam further. Be serenaded by wilderness sounds as you gather fresh blueberries for morning pancakes.

Listen to the peaceful, haunting calls of the loons. Fall asleep to the music of lapping water underneath a million brilliant stars. Capture memories to last a lifetime!


A Brief Dougherty Family History

Our family’s Rainy Lake history began at the famous Kettle Falls Hotel in 1918. Our great-grandfather Bob Williams bought the Kettle Falls Hotel from Ed Rose for one thousand dollars and four barrels of whiskey. Our family operated the hotel from 1918 through 1977. The Dougherty family began operating Rainy Lake Houseboats during the fall of 1978. Our parents, Bill and June Williams Dougherty, started with four houseboats; today our operation includes twenty-seven. Bill and Tom operate the houseboat company and live year-round at Rainy Lake. Our brother Charlie lives in South Florida, and he stays involved in our family business.


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