Unparalleled Natural Beauty

Voyageurs National Park vacations give you access to the only inland water-based park in the National Park System. Located near the center of Earth’s greatest system of interconnected waterways, no roads can be found. When you visit Voyageurs National Park you can explore over a thousand acres of undeveloped shoreline among sky blue waters and majestic forests.

The area lies on the edge of the Canadian Shield—an exposed outcropping of ancient granite dating back 500 million years. These are some of the oldest rocks visible on the face of the planet, where prehistoric pines struggle for existence on rugged cliffs. Glacier-scarred islands fill the landscape while endless forests of towering white pines, spruce, birch and aspen soften the harshness and provide a haven for the abundant wildlife.

This is a timeless land. It is a place to wander, rest, and renew your spirit.