Birthday Getaways at Voyageurs National Park

Think back to your childhood memories – which ones stand out? Chances are, a good chunk of them happened during the warm summer months. You might have spent your summer days at the pool, the park or at the lake, but everything probably felt a little more relaxed during those short stretches of sunny weather. […]

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Minnesota Native Landscapes: Exploring Rainy Lake

One of the most frequent comments we receive from visitors is that the scenery around Voyageurs National Park is more beautiful than they ever imagined. The region is one of Minnesota’s hidden gems, and it’s just waiting to be discovered by you. If you have an interest in ecology, Voyageurs has more fascinating plant and […]

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What to do in Minnesota: A North Woods Destination

When you think of a true Minnesota escape, you probably imagine towering pine trees, serene lake waters and fishing that doesn’t disappoint. It’s the stuff paintings are made of. At Rainy Lake, you don’t need a canvas to see this magnificent natural beauty – it’s right before your eyes. Getting there takes a little planning, […]

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