Tucker and Bob on Rainy Lake Houseboat 31

 Tucker and Bob wanted to catch Rainy Lake’s famous smallmouth bass. We found smallies on the points in the morning and close to spawning beds in late morning and early afternoon. The best choice for baits were 10 cm Husky Jerks, gold with black back and orange belly. Husky Jerks are made to jerk and […]

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Ice is Out!

I went up to Seine Bay Saturday afternoon May 17th and got to Pine Point. The ice had choked off any opportunity to get into Seine Bay. One boat was stuck out in the ice after getting through in the morning. It took them over an hour to finally get through. My friend Stuart Milette has a […]

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Ice Out Update 6:00 PM May 13 2014

Ice made fair amount of progress at 5:00 Pm today. The picture on the left is taken from the Dryweed Island South houseboat mooring site.  Ice was gone  about a mile and one half east of Bushy head Island. ice is moving south east with the northwest wind. winds are supposed to blow 10-15 mph […]

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Rainy Lake’s fish Masses Planning a Shallow Water Invasion

Billy Dougherty with Memorial Day Walleye! 2014’s nasty winter has passed and spring is here.  Ice out will be during the week of May 12th.  Guess what? Rainy Lake’s fish population has planned a shallow water invasion.  The move to shallow water will peak from Memorial Day weekend way into June.  Mark my words spring is on […]

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Ice Conditions May 5, 2014

This is Jack Fish Bay about 9:00 AM this morning . Northern Pike were cruising in the pencil reeds and along the cattail edges. We have a forecast this week that has temperatures in the mid fifties to low sixty degree temperatures, with mid week heavy rains.  The pond at Rainy Lake Houseboats was totally  open […]

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