Birthday Getaways at Voyageurs National Park


Think back to your childhood memories – which ones stand out? Chances are, a good chunk of them happened during the warm summer months. You might have spent your summer days at the pool, the park or at the lake, but everything probably felt a little more relaxed during those short stretches of sunny weather. If you had a summer birthday, life was even better. Free from the responsibilities of classes, you could celebrate for days at a time, if your family was up to it. Today’s parents have to compete with smartphones, tablets and video games for their child’s attention, so a birthday celebration should bring you together without the distractions. There’s nothing quite like spending a child’s birthday at Voyageurs National Park to create memories that last a lifetime.

Paddle Freely


Whether you take a canoe or kayak out onto the water, you can see Voyageurs National Park from a new perspective with your children. Rainy Lake is the perfect place to introduce aquatic activities to the kids, because calm waters make paddling easy. Depart right from your houseboat, and see the back bays that greeted the area’s first traders. Let the birthday child choose the course you take, and follow their wake. You might find a hidden beach to stop at for a quick lunch or a rock formation that makes for the perfect picture opportunity. If you have a child with a summer birthday and a lot of energy, water activities provide a day of fun.

Hit the Trail


Get your land legs back and explore Voyageurs National Park by foot. You might want to trade the birthday cake for trail mix and candles for campfires on a rustic adventure. You may not know what the next year will hold for your child, but you can be sure that stunning scenery is around every corner at this beautiful national park. Spotting a moose is more likely on the trail, and it’s often a once-in-a-lifetime experience when you do. You’ll also encounter spectacular views of the lake that will last for many birthdays to come.

Find Great Fishing


Some of the best birthday presents aren’t items, but fun experiences. There aren’t too many things that can beat an action-packed day of fishing. Share your love of the outdoors with your child, and show them how fun fishing can be. Every time they reel in another keeper, they’ll improve their fishing skills. Everyone in the boat is sure to be struck by the serene views around Rainy Lake, and half the fun is finding the perfect place to lay anchor. In a few decades, they might be the ones taking you out on the boat and showing you their favorite hidden fishing spot.

Get Swimming


When you take a birthday houseboat vacation, you have easy access to great swimming. Our houseboats come with a built-in waterslide onboard, so just throw on a suit and let gravity do the rest. Prefer to stay dry? Be the judge of cannonball contests from the comfort of the boat, while the kids make a splash. The weather is usually perfect for swimming in the summer at Voyageurs National Park, and the birthday boy or girl is sure to enjoy time on the water.  Bring your pool noodles, inflatable chairs and water wings – you’ll want to use them.


If you have a birthday coming up in the family, think about a trip up north to celebrate. Children can have just as much fun as adults on the lake, if not more. Show your kids a part of Minnesota that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. They might even keep talking about the trip until their next birthday. Wondering which boat to take out on Rainy Lake. Consider the Minnitaki – it holds 2-6 people and has an upper loft that’s perfect for families. Show your family the gallery of images from Voyageurs National park to see if they’d be interested!