AFG Chairman II Trip June 25-27, 2013

Our friends from AFG started arriving about 11:00 AM on Tuesday morning. The last arrivals were in by 2:00 PM. We left port with the Chairman and two Lady of the Lakes by 2:20 PM. We had seventeen guests on the three houseboats with two guests meeting us at our mooring spot.

We were moored up and secure by 6:00 PM. Chef Jim and chef helper Bernie had a chicken and rib dinner served by 7:00 PM.
Wednesday morning opened with a 6:00 AM rainstorm with plenty of lightning.  The forecast was calling for rain most of the day. The guides; Jon Balaski, Kevin Erickson, Matt Shermoen, Ryan Schmidt, Tony Snyder, Cody Christensen and myself were all ready to go by 7:45 AM.
The morning bite was good in shallow water in bays, points, and deeper water with current. In the bays weed beds with the wind blowing in were hot. Best baits were crawlers on a crawler harness. On the points jigs and minnows were good. It was the same in the current areas.

We returned to the Chairman and prepared a shore lunch for 28 people. We left the houseboats at 1:30 PM. Guess what the weatherman was wrong. The sun came out and a beautiful afternoon set in. The winds died and with that so did the shallow water bite. A quick run to the current areas got us right back on track!  Chef Jim served his awesome slow-cooked prime rib for dinner on Wednesday night.

Thursday the weatherman predicted 10-15 mph winds and clear skies. The morning started out with about an 8 mph wind. Walleyes bit well on shallow-water reefs and on the rock points in about 8 feet of water. The weatherman missed his wind prediction; it died by 9:15 AM. I left and went to a wing dam in the current and we had a walleye every cast with a jig and minnow for over one hour. We had another large shore lunch and were back by 1:30 PM.

We cleared the point in the bay we were parked in. Guess what? The weatherman corrected himself and the wind was blowing a steady 15 mph. The last afternoon was a crawler and crawler harness bonanza. The walleyes went goofy on the wind-blown weed lines. Back to the houseboats for a fine meal and a morning cruise in.