Break Line Walleyes

Gus Armstrong came back to fish after his family houseboat trip with Jeff Abernathy; President of Alma College located in Alma Michigan. Wednesday August 8th was a gorgeous day, maybe could have used a little wind.
We located school of walleyes off the northwest corner of Blueberry Island. We started with 1 1/2 oz. Bottom Bouncers and “Slow Death Hooks” with a night crawler threaded on the hook.  We caught quite a few which were either too large or to small. We kept two keepers and headed for greener pastures.
We stopped on an extensive mud flat with a few rubble piles scattered about. We found lots of walleyes at 37 feet. I set the depth highlight feature on the Hummingbird 1197 C to 37 feet +/- 1ft. The whole break line was highlighted in green from 36-38 feet. We trolled around the break at 0.7 mph and walleyes were everywhere in that depth range. We were still using the bottom bouncer presentation.
The green depth highlight is on the right and walleyes at 36 feet on the left.
Gus and Jeff caught a boatload of walleyes on dead flat calm water.  The way the night crawler spins on a slow death hook triggers walleyes even in calm water.