Casa Loma June 24, 2013

June 24, 2013

Bart Olek and his family came to Casa Loma on Saturday June 22, 2013.  I was scheduled to take his relatives fishing on Monday. Bart and his dad Sonny would follow along. I was going to do things a little different than I may do on a houseboat.

We decided to head to Hitchcock Bay and work our way back to Casa Loma showing the group a variety of spots during the day. We had a southwest wind blowing. We started in the east end of Hitchcock on the north shore. We started with jigs tipped with minnows. We contacted walleyes right away and found them between two points spread out all the way between. We kept some nice keepers, through back some big ones and decided to move on to the next spot in Hitchcock.
This spot had two islands close together with a shallow water reef in front of the island on the left.  The wind was stronger at this spot, again walleyes right away, nice keepers, and triples. Fun! We caught several more and it was time to move to another area. We went to Saginaw Bay. The southwest wind was hitting all kinds of shoreline in Saginaw. We did not hit any fish immediately. We moved along the shoreline and there was a small little point that was hooking the waves with a series of exposed rock islands almost like reefs. I had switched to nickel Northland Baitfish spinners tipped with minnows.  The walleyes were stacked in pretty good and they loved the spinners. We caught some really nice fish having to release many, but also had really nice 16”+ walleyes. Once again it was off to another spot. We headed to Brule Narrows.

We did not fish the Brule, we graphed the holes on the east end, and they were full of walleyes from 30-32 feet and also 34-36 feet in the forty-foot holes. Next stop was Lost Bay.

Lost Bay is a longer narrower bay with a few points and islands. A great portion of the bay is about 8 feet and the bottom does not change much. We made a pass and did not have contact with any fish. We made a second pass putting the boat right on the break, where the bottom starts to rise to the shoreline. The walleyes were right on that edge where the bottom changed from mud to rock.  We fished two spots and were able to repeat the production on the same kind of transition. Next we were on to Cranberry Bay.

It was getting late; we tried a shallow reef fishing the windward edge. This was the first spot all day that the graph was totally clear of baitfish and clutter. It was also clear of fish. Casa Loma is very close to Black Bay. The water is darkly stained in Black Bay and the rocks cannot be seen a foot underwater.

The guys wanted me to show them the safe way in and point out areas to fish. We did that and headed back to Casa Loma to clean the limits of walleyes that we kept.