Chairman II Father-In-Law & Sons-In-Law Fishing Excursion


We were fortunate enough to have Rick, Robin, Tom., Isreal, Dave, Jake and Adam join us for three days of fishing May 30, 31, and June 1st on the Chairman II. Our guests came from New York City, Washington D.C, and surrounding Maryland. The guides were Jon Balaski, Matt Shermoen and Billy Dougherty, and Bernie Lessard was the chef.

Rick and Robin fly fished for smallmouth bass and northern pike. Smallmouth cooperated well on the first day, it did not take Robin very long to hook up and get a bass on a popper. We caught some nice ones and missed some fish through out the morning. Late May is a good time for smallies, they are usually on points or walls close to spawning sites. we were lucky enough to see bass make beds as we were fishing, and seeing a pair mate on a just made bed. Bass build a nest to spawn in unlike walleyes who spawn in current on gravel bears, rock piles. and sandy rubbly shorelines. The male bass guards and aerates the eggs until they hatch.


Jon and Matt  had Isreal, Jake, Adam, Dave, and Tom out a lot. They caught walleyes in current areas fishing the eddies casting 1/4 and 3/8 oz. jigs in 8-15 feet of water working hem back to the boat slowly. The walleyes were busy and as big as 26 inches.





The second day was cool and big time rainy (it even happens on Rainy Lake). The pike left the bays and moved to main lake points. We used jerk baits casting and jerking using longer pauses than normal.




We are always grateful for all of our guests that choose to use Rainy Lake Houseboats for their Rainy Lake visit, but it was extra special to fish such fine young gentleman.