Christmas Shopping Stimulates Thoughts of May and June

The Christmas season is upon us. I was at one of our local sporting goods stores yesterday morning doing some Christmas shopping.  I can’t keep myself from checking out the fishing tackle. A couple of young fellows were in the tackle area from out of town, here to do some ice fishing. By the way  conditions are good and the fish are biting!

I overheard them say “I missed last spring’s fishing because of all the rumors about a late ice out”. He said “I have been on Rainy Lake many springs and had great May-June fishing. We had the second latest ice out ever. What one needs to understand is ice out is considered out when you can travel from Ranier, Minnesota to Kettle Falls unimpeded by ice.  Rainy Lake’s ice out is a process, many of the areas are open and available to fish even though you may not be able to get to Kettle Falls, It is safe to say you can always fish on Rainy Lake by May 18th and have good fishing.

June is never affected by late ice out, in fact if we have a later ice out you often have that once in a lifetime fishing bite, big, lots and aggressive. Last year in May we caught more 27” -30” walleyes and 40”- 45” northern pike than any other year in our history. Ontario and Manitoba often have ice covered lakes into June Rainy Lake does not. You don’t have to miss out again, make Rainy Lake and Rainy Lake Houseboats your choice for May and June 2015 and catch some whoppers like these below!

DSCN0140 IMG_0852 DSCN0078 DSCN0099 DSCN0133 DSCN0128