Fishing With The Palmer Family

I parked the Chairman II fueled up and joined the Palmer family for a day of Rainy Lake walleye fishing. Boyer, Helen, and Amanda fished in my boat and Bruce, Lola and Alex fished with Jon Balaski.

We traveled through the Brule Narrows and looked on area break lines for schools of walleyes. We found plenty in 38 feet of water. We would use the slow death technique. I had Boyer use my brand new fishing rod a St. Croix 6′ 10″ Legend Extreme spinning rod. Boyer could not believe the touch, sensitivity and hook setting power this rod has. You have to have one it is a life timer!

We had steady action in the morning and really good in the afternoon. Jon had the same kind of luck on different mudflats. We returned to the Palmers vacation home rental and cleaned their walleyes for them. Jon and I will be out with more of the family on Thursday.