Guest Guidance: Firsthand Tips for Your Trip

While Rainy Lake is frozen, it’s a great time to share some of the houseboating experiences our customers have had on the water throughout the year. In August, Girl of 10,000 Lakes adventurer Jenny Anderson spent a four-day weekend aboard our Lady of the Lake houseboat. With five couples along for the journey, this boat’s spacious accommodations offered the perfect setting for memories at Voyageurs National Park.

Throughout Jenny’s trip, she made the most of her time on and off the water. She was especially enthusiastic about her fishing, hiking and hot tubbing experiences — activities enhanced by the area’s natural beauty. Another highlight of her trip was visiting the Kettle Falls hotel, a property formerly owned and operated by our team!

We are thankful that Jenny took the time to write about her experience with Rainy Lake Houseboats. She even took the time to write a questions and answers section in her blog post to provide guidance for future houseboat guests!

If you’re thinking about planning a houseboat vacation at Voyageurs National Park, her practical tips are sure to help you prepare for the experience. Check out her post “A Step-by-Step Guide to Houseboating at Voyageurs National Park” before you set your sights north!