Ice Out Update 6:00 PM May 13 2014


Ice made fair amount of progress at 5:00 Pm today. The picture on the left is taken from the Dryweed Island South houseboat mooring site.  Ice was gone  about a mile and one half east of Bushy head Island. ice is moving south east with the northwest wind. winds are supposed to blow 10-15 mph thru the night and tomorrow.


 North side of Dryweed Island looking towards Sand Point Island and Seine Bay. It looked like ice was out to Pine Point the entrance to Seine Bay.


Little island off the northeast side of Dryweed Island. Don’t know if the trees will survive the night.

We have fought ice in our bay for six days.  Sheets keep coming through the narrows posing threats. Yesterday wasthe first day without any ice in our bay. Our

houseboats are at the dock, with our staff readying them for our guests arrival on Friday.

DSCN0048This picture is from Sunday looking north toward Grindstone Island, the person in the picture is my daughter

Rachel who was home for Mother’s day weekend. The ice behind Rachel ended up in our bay Sunday night again

threatening docks. The good news is many bays are now ice free, Sand Bay, Jackfish Bay, Black Bay and many


Even better news is the wind has changed direction from the easterly winds to northwest today with 15-25 mph winds with 30 mph gusts.

Wednesdays winds are forecasted to be 10-15 mph northwest.  Ice should be gone by Thursday morning.  I am planning to check the ice late

this afternoon if it is safe to do so! I will make a short post on what has changed tomorrow morning.