Luxury Houseboat Rentals for the Fourth

A mother loon swims with her two babies on Rainy Lake in Minnesota.

The signs of summer are all around Rainy Lake! If you listen carefully, you’re sure to hear the call of loons in the distance. Or, if you’re hiking a trail, you will easily spot vibrant blueberries that are finally ripening for the year. These are the kinds of experiences that words cannot do justice, and you need to live for yourself to fully enjoy. The only thing that breaks up these mellow moments on Rainy Lake is the fast-paced fishing action that is already in full swing. The walleyes are jumping into boats up here – but you have to visit to catch them!


The summer will fade as fast as it arrives, so get the most out t-shirt weather while it’s still here. With less than a month until the Fourth of July, now is the time to start making plans. Instead of fighting the crowds to see fireworks, you can have your own first row seat on a houseboat. There’s no better way to celebrate our nation’s independence than a vacation that gives you the freedom to explore the northern wilderness however you want. Rainy Lake straddles an international border, but its serene beauty is sure to inspire patriotism this Fourth of July.


Of course, there’s more to see on a summer vacation than pyrotechnics, and the area’s wildlife is equally dazzling. You’re sure to come across a few animal species you’ve never seen before. One creature you will instantly recognize is the bald eagle, which is commonly found swooping along the shores of the lake. That’s just the beginning of bird watching – hawks, ospreys, herons, and pelicans all call this blue oasis home. Bring your binoculars; you’re sure to get plenty of use out of them this Independence Day! Choose a houseboat that’s perfect for your group before we’re booked!