Spending a great Day With Bob Jornlin, My retired Guide Partner!


Bob Jornlin was my parents head guide, in fact Bob started at Rainy Lake Houseboats in 1976 before my parents arrival.  I arrived in 1985 from Kettle Falls. Bob retired in 2008 much to my dismay. We spent 23 great years  guiding on our Chairman I and Chairman II. Bob had not been back on the south arm of Rainy Lake since retiring. He and his wife Donna had a cabin in the north arm of Rainy Lake for 55 years, selling it last summer. We spent the day kind of pre fishing checking out spawning status of walleyes, visiting old haunts. Bob has not lost his touch! We caught walleyes in the current the first part of the day and on points in the bays in the afternoon.  Guess what we both had great walleye meals when we got home. We smiled and laughed reminiscing about all the wonderful customers and the young guides we trained.


Yours truly Billy Dougherty