Tucker and Bob on Rainy Lake Houseboat 31

DSCN0101 Tucker and Bob wanted to catch Rainy Lake’s famous smallmouth bass. We found smallies on the points in the morning and close to spawning beds in late morning and early afternoon. The best choice for baits were 10 cm Husky Jerks, gold with black back and orange belly. Husky Jerks are made to jerk and pause and boy was it the ticket. We not only caught beautiful smallmouth but many,  many walleyes and northern pike. Fishing with artificial baits is a rewarding experience, much fun, and it puts fish in the boat. We were with in sight of their Rainy Lake Houseboat for most of the day. How good is that.  One of the great reasons to stay on a houseboat is the ability to fish quality hours in the best locations every day you are on Rainy Lake! The best shallow water fishing of the year is coming now and through the month of June. We have room for you, make a reservation, there are still some openings.