Al Kern Son, Sons-In-law and Grandson’s Visit Rainy Lake Houseboats

I started fishing with Al Kern many years ago with another old friend and client Al Didier. This year Al took out our Lady of the Lake 1 for  a three day fishing trip. We left port about three in the afternoon and for the Kempton Channel area. We moored the Lady of the Lake 1 at a houseboat mooring site called Kempton Entrance South.  I left the group and returned the next morning with another guide by the name of Scott Matthews.
We fished the edge of clay rubbly mudflats using the slow death technique. Fishing was excellent and we met at noon for a shore lunch at one of Rainy Lakes many campsites. After lunch it was back out for more walleyes action. Scott fished jigs and minnows using a snap jigging technique on a rock reef in 37 feet of water. Scotts boat had a good afternoon. during the morning they were jigging for walleyes with crawlers and had many strikes but not a lot of hook ups. After talking with Scott at lunch the boat was using whole crawlers. When jigging or using slow death you need to pinch the crawler off one to one and a half inches behind the hook otherwise the walleyes get free half crawler lunches!
On Wednesday morning August 15th fellow guides Matt Shermoen and Kevin Erickson joined the Kern’s along with yours truly. Fishing was awesome, plenty to take home and lots for another great shorelunch. During the afternoon we could see weather moving in. I opted to leave Rainy Lake Houseboats port at 5:00 AM and drive the Lady of the Lake in to port. A strong northwest wind was forecasted and the houseboat was do in at 9:00 AM to be readied for the next party.