Gatts Family Outing on Rainy Lake Houseboats’ Chairman II June 15 – 18, 2013

Jason, LuAnn, Logan, and Logan’s friend arrived at Rainy Lake Houseboats and were off on a three day excursion on the Chairman II Saturday afternoon. Jon Balaski and Kevin Erickson had the houseboat moored by 3:30 PM

The Lund guide boats were loaded and off to fish walleyes on the Minnesota side of the lake. Jon and Kevin put the guests on the walleyes, they absolutely creamed them. Jason, LuAnn, Logan and Grant caught 60 plus walleyes in a little over two hours of fishing, what a start to the trip.
Monday morning turned out cooler with cloud cover an an easterly wind about 10 mph blowing. The walleyes did not mind the clouds or the chop. Jigs and minnows were the order of the day! We did not shoot as many pics today, but fishing was very good again.